Bulk Redirects

Bulk Redirects allow you to upload a comma-delimited CSV file containing 1000's of URL rules, locations and redirect types.

This can save you a huge amount of time compared to adding them manually one by one.

Uploading Redirects

Each redirect rule counts as a modification.

Each redirect rule (e.g., row within your CSV) will be classed as a separate modification

Bulk Redirects

To create bulk status code rules simply;

  1. Download the example CSV file.
  2. Populate the CSV file with the URLs, remote locations and redirect type that you wish to set. URLs cannot include wildcard's and must be absolute.
  3. Re-upload the CSV. If the CSV is will formatted you will be presented with a table that you can Add/Remove additional rows.

What type of redirects are supported?

We currently support 301 (Permanent) and 302 (Temporary) redirects.

Redirect Type Status Code
Permanent 301
Temporary 302