Why Updatable?

Updatable requires no programming knowledge

Remove development bottle-necks

Every development team on the planet has a schedule.

There is also a good chance there is a backlog, road-map and even a bug database.

These will all keep your development team busy, leaving that simple change to slip through the cracks.

Make changes on the edge, not on your servers

100% server-less, powered by Cloudflare.

Why make changes on your servers, when you can do it in minutes on via Coudflare Worker edge locations?

Let's be honest, web development today is 10 times more complicated than years gone by.

There is a good chance that your current website requires has deployment pipeline, or the assets are templates and need to be compiled before being puashed.

This all makes implementing that simple heading change a complicated process.

Fix SEO problems instantly

Improve your ranking positions quicker.

Improve how search engines such as Google & Bing find your website by fixing simple SEO problems in minutes.

Some improvements you could implement by simply entering a few details include;

  1. Removing duplication h1s and other DOM elements
  2. Manging Response Headers
  3. Creating URL rewrites/prettifying URLs
  4. Fixing canonical tags
  5. Creatign redirects to Re-claiming back-links