Bypass your restrictive CMS

Updatable lets you modify HTML before your site is served, overcoming the limitations of whatever platform you use. Change what users and search engine crawlers see, either as a temporary fix or a permanent solution.

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A seamless user experience

Updatable is your Edge SEO tool, acting as a meta-CMS for edits without impacting the underlying site structure. Every quick-fix is logged, so you can decide which get rolled into the core site code.

Choose from our Cloudflare App or a custom solution

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Users and crawlers see changes via a reverse proxy

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Updatable reduces the need for developer involvement, taking tedious jobs off their hands and freeing up their time to focus on bigger projects. Site admins control exactly what can and can’t be changed for every domain.

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Define individual edits or apply bulk updates

Deploy immediately, or add to a group ready for QA

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