Update any part of your website, instantly

Free yourself from a restrictive CMS or long development queue. Unlock the ability to modify content, fix errors and deploy redirects with the Updatable Cloudflare app.

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Say goodbye to development bottlenecks

A legacy CMS can make even the simplest changes painful. Updatable lets you tweak your site before it’s served to users, with no code or devs required.

How does it work?

Update easily, deploy instantly

Apply changes to your site while keeping the original codebase intact. Fix a simple SEO issue with our live page editor, add bulk page redirects, or reverse proxy your content without waiting for developers to get round to your request.

What can you change?

Maintain your momentum

Edit page titles, implement structured data, add hreflang and edit canonical tags, or create a new campaign landing page. Updatable helps you achieve your digital marketing goals more quickly.

What are the benefits?

Complete peace of mind

Updatable is installed via Cloudflare, meaning you benefit from the secure site infrastructure of a global hosting network. The app itself has ISO 27001 certification ensuring data integrity is maintained at all times.

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