Make minor tweaks, or major improvements

Fix a spelling mistake, shift a subdomain to a sub folder, or replace your robots.txt file, all at the click of a button. Content edits made in Updatable are in HTML to keep your site streamlined.

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What can you change?

Visual modifications

Edit, delete and move any element on a web page. Add copy, correct typos and replace feature images.

URL redirects and rewrites

Deploy bulk redirects or adapt individual URLs to make them user and search engine friendly.

Status codes

Select the response codes users and bots get for each page, including 301, 302, 404 and 503.

Custom code

Modify the contents of the page container, including titles, scripts, stylesheets and metadata.

Tag implementation

Optimize the setup of canonical tags and hreflang annotations to send the right signals to Google.

Dynamic directories

Merge a microsite or subdomain into a new or existing folder on your domain.

HTTP headers

Set up custom response headers by page to manage cache and content security policies.


Add an individual user-agent instruction to your existing file, or replace it with a new one.

Advanced DOM

Manipulate the various documents, nodes, elements and attributes that make up your site structure.