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Struggling to get a simple change prioritized, or unable to achieve your goals due to a code freeze? Updatable is a powerful site editor that gives you greater freedom and complete flexibility.

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Let SEOs update metadata and set up redirects

  • Add tags by page, folder or site
  • Optimize headings and copy on any page
  • Remove error pages and apply status codes
  • Restructure URLs and move subdomains

Allow your developers to focus on development

  • Concentrate on your roadmap rather than minor edits
  • Update infrastructure without disrupting day-to-day activities
  • Overcome the restrictions and limitations of your CMS
  • Keep an audit trail of all changes with options to revert

Unlimited landing pages for Paid Media campaigns

  • Turn any page on your site into a template
  • Expand testing with an infinite number of page variations
  • Deploy immediately to capitalize on trends

Gain complete freedom over your analytics setup

  • Add or edit tags, custom events and dimensions
  • Edit pixel tracking and UTM parameters
  • Trial new user journeys and conversion paths