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Updatable uses the latest advances in Reverse Proxy and Web Server technology, to seamlessly adapt web pages served by any CMS, Platform or Static website. Simply tell Updatable where your website is hosted and point your domain at Updatable's global Cloud network. You'll then unlock all of Updatable's power and be able to start making changes to your website immediately. No coding, JavaScript or CMS plugins are needed.

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Visual changes are as simple as point and click

With Updatable's visual editing tool, your team can add, edit, delete and move any element on a web page, without prior HTML or coding knowledge. Using a simple menu overlaid on your website, simply drag a new element into position on the page or highlight an element to edit the text or HTML markup. You could update a bio on your About Us page, change a H6 tag to a H1 heading on your Services page or delete an old client's logo from your Homepage - anything is possible. Anything from a simple page tweak to deleting all of the content on a page and starting from new.

Modify your URL structure or implement 301 Redirects

Sometimes your marketing team want "/train" as the landing page for their new offline ad campaign, when all your CMS can manage is "/pages/static/1002342". Other CMSs force your URLs to match your page title or their auto-generated database ID. These problems are easily fixed with Updatable, simply tell us what URL you'd like to use and we'll make it work. Any requests for "/train" will see the content from "/pages/static/1002342", without the user ever knowing that the ugly URL ever existed.

Updatable doesn't just fix your URL structure, it also helps to remove all of those error pages and 302 Redirects that your SEO team and visitors hate. You can either redirect a single URL to a new destination or Bulk Upload a whole CSV file full of URLs to redirect to another destination.

Moving blog.example.com onto the main domain at www.example.com/blog/ is probably one of the biggest SEO challenges (and the biggest reward) going. For over a decade, since Google started treating subdomains as totally unique websites, businesses have struggled to merge their content and link authority onto a single site. This technical leviathan can now be implemented through Updatable at the click of a button. Just tell us the current location of your content (e.g. blog.example.com or shop.example.com) and the folder you'd like it to live under on your main website (e.g. /blog/ or /shop/) and we'll make it happen.

Benefit from Gzip compression, HTTP/2, Google PageSpeed and caching

Gzip compression is an easy and instant performance win for your website, which reduces the size and loading time of web pages by an average of 70%. But approximately 30% of websites still do not support this compression technology, making them slow to load. Updatable solves this for you, by serving your pages using Gzip Compression to all internet browsers that support it.

Coming Soon

Updatable is currently beta testing the use of HTTP/2 for internet browsers that support the new application protocol. HTTP/2 can significantly improve your page speed, using methods such as downloading all media assets for a page in parallel rather than one at a time.

Another feature currently in beta testing and due for imminent release, is the option to automatically fix issues raised by Google's PageSpeed tool. PageSpeed is an online diagnostics tool by Google, that downloads your web page and tells you what is hampering performance and accessibility. Google has also hinted that PageSpeed may be part of their Organic Search ranking algorithm, to give fast and accessible web pages a ranking boost. Updatable will be able to detect and implement all of Google's recommendations instantly, giving every page on your website an "A" rating.

We've built our own cloud distributed infrastructure for Updatable, using multiple providers, datacenters and locations around the world. Not only does this help us to achieve our 100% uptime target, but also gives us the opportunity to serve your content from our nearest Point of Presence. Updatable will shortly enable you to turn on Local Caching, saving and delivering copies of your content and files from the nearest server to your end user. You will also be given the ability to turn off caching and to purge the cache entirely (or just for a single URL).

Advanced DOM Selector for developers and techies

Updatable isn't just for marketers, designers and code novices. With our Advanced DOM selector, advanced users can search and replace any HTML element based on its CSS Element (like you see in your browser's Inspect Element panel). These changes can either be applied to a single URL or an entire URL pattern. This means that absolutely anything on your website can be modified and in bulk, even if it's not visible in the Live Visual Editor.

Security and Uptime are our highest priorities

We understand that our customers are entrusting us with their websites, so security is absolutely paramount for us. Updatable uses the highest security practices, military-grade encryption and follow NIST & NSA server hardening guidelines. Our parent company is also ISO 27001 accredited for Information Security Management. Updatable is PCI compliant, with daily vulnerability scanning and regular penetration/hacking tests by qualified third party security auditors. Currently undergoing the lengthy audit process, Updatable will shortly be certified as a PCI DSS Level 1 Service Provider. This is the highest security grade and means that our systems have been tested to the same level as banks, payment processors and the biggest e-commerce stores.

Uptime is built into the core of Updatable's infrastructure. Unlike a traditional website hosting company, Updatable has a failover strategy at every level of its systems. If a software bug in Updatable causes a major issue, our platform automatically diverts traffic directly to your website's server, preventing downtime. If a server fails, we instantly divert traffic to another server in that datacenter. Even if the entire datacenter or country goes offline, traffic will be diverted to the next closest datacenter location.

Build your team and set their permissions

Updatable fits into your existing workflow and approval/compliance process. Invite as many users as you like to access Updatable, with comprehensive controls over what they can do. You can also choose who can approve website changes and our system will automatically email them an approval request. Not only can you share access with your in-house colleagues, you can also offer access to your design, development and marketing agencies.

A new source of insights with Updatable Reporting

Currently, reporting in Updatable focusses on day to day Page Views, but will shortly be a whole new source of web insights for your team. We are beta testing the ability to easily conduct SEO split testing, tracking the traffic uplifts or losses after making any set of changes in Updatable. There are also plans to monitor search engine crawler activity more closely, giving you data on which pages Googlebot and others visited, on which days and how often. It should be noted though that Updatable does not log any commercially or security sensitive data. We purely count the Page View, log the day/time and the Browser / Search Engine name.

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